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MegaAbsol by HyperDashSC2 MegaAbsol :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 0 0 Crustle by HyperDashSC2 Crustle :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 0 0
The Swarm
Lying in bed, I toss and I turn
Something tells me
They're coming again
The room spins and churns with their presence
I can hear them buzzing in my ears
My head is their nest
Around me, inside me
They attack with their venomous stingers
My tortured limbs twitch in response to the poison
But fail to swat them away
The venom seeps into my thoughts
And lulls me to a troubled sleep
The realm of hopes, dreams, and desires
Is invaded by fears, regrets, and pain
The world crumbles
I'm falling again
A rude awakening
I feel the stings from the swarm
Numbing my skull
A million thoughts rushing through my mind
So fast I can feel them spin
But they're nothing but empty canisters
Remnants of last night's invasion
Fragments of my concentration
A dull excitement in my chest
Tells me they'll return again
:iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 2 1
Mature content
The Fall :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 3 7
The Salad Dream
The beginning starts with me standing in a large line. I am wearing a tuxedo and my friend, Samantha Bailey, is wearing a red ballroom dress. We're waiting to be seated for some sort of prom. Here, a date is mandatory. Discovering that neither of us brought one, Samantha and I buddy up. We finally reach the front of the line; we're standing on a long stage with a seemingly endless table set there lengthwise. Standing in front of us is a long, long line of virtually identical, lanky French actors. They're wearing blue long-sleeved shirts and black dress pants. Their brown hair is buzzed, looking much like Pink's hair in The Wall. They keep putting their hands over their faces as to indicate the fact that we are all foolish simpletons. Soon we discover why - on the table we are seated at, a plate with spinach leaves, mandarin oranges, and neat circles of chicken has been placed in front of each of us. The actors demonstrate the seemingly simple way to assemble the salad: First put the or
:iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 0 1
SCREENCEPTION by HyperDashSC2 SCREENCEPTION :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 1 1 The Writing on the Wall by HyperDashSC2 The Writing on the Wall :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 12 10
World War 3 Dream
This dream isn't funny per se, but it was still vivid and quite odd.
A formal line of camouflaged men begins to run about in panic as bombs (resembling the exploding cannonballs in a certain minigame in Mario Party 2) start bombarding the dark, sandy ground. Through the noise of the explosions, the running, and the near-earthquake brought about by the bombing, one of the shouts "It's World War 3!!" in a panic. As the ground continues to shake violently, a tombstone-shaped sand tablet rises out of the ground, with three hieroglyphics: a blue scarab, an orange gem, and a blue diamond. Triggering some sort of reaction, the ground cracks and out of the fissure rises an ancient Egyptian temple with sand pouring off of the top. Another soldier shouts, "We need to warn the west!"
The scene jumps to the "west," resembling somewhere in the southwestern US. The ground is red and dry and the area is surrounded by some type of plateau, colored with the same red dust. In the center of the scene is
:iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 1 0
Tip-top Burgenwagon Dream
Okay, so this one is a short one. An old lady is staring in a mirror lined with lights in a room common to a lot of Hollywood dressing rooms. Apparently getting ready for the big show, she puts on a large, fuzzy purple jacket. Gazing at herself in astonishment, she says, "Oh my! I look... tip-top burgenwagon!!" Struck with inspiration, she grabs her umbrella and runs out of her room, into the streets and in the middle of an intersection. Proudly waving her umbrella over her head, she shouts "Tip-top burgenwagon!  Tip-top burgenwagon! Tip-top burgenwagon!" over and over.
Later, she appears in a completely different dream, pushing an elevator button with her umbrella much like the short woman in the five-minute mystery.
:iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 1 1
Your Feathered Friend by HyperDashSC2 Your Feathered Friend :iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 0 0
The Nicholson Dream
Jack Nicholson (the guy from The Shining) dreams that he was trying to pop a black-haired girl like a balloon. This part is brightly-colored and cartoon-like... the background is solid, bright green and the girl is a red balloon with black hair. The colors suddenly fade as he faces the reality. Realizing it's actually a brutal murder caused by his own insanity, he wakes with a start, relieved to find that it never actually happened. Deciding to start his day, he walks towards an old barn made out of grayish, weathered planks of wood. Walking in, he sees a bearded  man sitting at a picnic table, with a steaming mug of coffee. In the foreground (if it were a movie, it would be out-of-focus, right in front of the camera) is a string of sausage links. The man says, "You can have those if you're hungry, just don't throw any coffee at it." Demonstrating, he dips his hand into his mug and flings coffee at the links. Suddenly, small monkeys (chimpanzees?) climb
:iconhyperdashsc2:HyperDashSC2 0 2


Day 5: Flygon by KGScribbles Day 5: Flygon :iconkgscribbles:KGScribbles 84 16 Follow me, kiddo. by DerpyGardener Follow me, kiddo. :iconderpygardener:DerpyGardener 21 3 distorded note by Rikooh distorded note :iconrikooh:Rikooh 68 2 Squigly - P2 by NYAssassin Squigly - P2 :iconnyassassin:NYAssassin 13 0 Aegislash by ChocoChaoFun Aegislash :iconchocochaofun:ChocoChaoFun 138 4 Collab: Dream Walker by TsaoShin Collab: Dream Walker :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 6,081 488 Bloom of the Moon's light by DarkFlame75 Bloom of the Moon's light :icondarkflame75:DarkFlame75 2,422 189 Dragalge by Stickaroo Dragalge :iconstickaroo:Stickaroo 355 18 Muuuh by miwol Muuuh :iconmiwol:miwol 180 11 Dance to the Beat [2014] by pekou Dance to the Beat [2014] :iconpekou:pekou 679 10 Seija Kijin 14.3 by takabubu Seija Kijin 14.3 :icontakabubu:takabubu 266 11 One Killer Card by Jowybean One Killer Card :iconjowybean:Jowybean 231 16 Canterlot High - The Goth by SpainFischer Canterlot High - The Goth :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 1,820 113 C: Skitty+Mawile Fusion by Skeletpengu C: Skitty+Mawile Fusion :iconskeletpengu:Skeletpengu 74 6 Koi koi koi.. by Endber Koi koi koi.. :iconendber:Endber 91 10





Zachary Tezak
United States
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Yo people, been a while. Changing up my profile a bit to more reflect the current me. 

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  • Watching: my roomie play Nocturne
  • Playing: Etrian Odyssey
  • Eating: Pizza
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